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Revitalize Your Pool's Grimy Appearance

Without regular care, your pool can accumulate all kinds of sludge and algae. Protect your pool from gross grime by teaming up with Caribbean Pool Service. We provide pool cleaning services in Minden, LA and surrounding areas. You can count on us to restore your pool to tiptop shape by acid washing your dirty surfaces, including your tile walls, floors and stairs. With our help, your pool will look as good as new.

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Acid washing

Starting at $1200

This service is needed when the pool is at its worst. When a pool is in this condition you will not be able to see the bottom and, often times, may have sludge on the surface of the water. Generally the walls/tile is stained as well. This service requires draining the pool and giving it a bath in acid.

​Green Pools

​Starting at $550

A pool in this condition can be salvaged without acid washing. If the conditions are left untreated long enough you will see lily pads and frogs starting to inhabit their own little pond. This requires immense work to get your pool back to a healthy condition.